Urban Studios is a dynamic and modern reality, seat of a photographic study for an extention about 160mq. Urban Studios, that is present in Prato from more 3 year, put up some important European photographs and it worked with the most famous Brand in the fashion sector. Thanks to a renovation and innovation work, Urban Studios can offer spaces, technics and competences of the last generation to answer to need of a sector in constant evolution. Urban Studios has got modern tools and warehouse from which it is possible to rent all of kinds of equipments and technical and photographic materials. It is also possible to rent equipments which are not present in the warehouse trough Urban Studios collaboration with specialistic Retailers. It is available a big choice of backdrops which can be realized custom-made. Urban Studios offers a team of specialistic technicians in productions and highly qualified digital interventions. Wi-fi with optical fibre, internet access and services of print and Fine Art are available for our customers.